If you or your business owns a commercial property, Bell City Mechanical can handle any electrical services you might need. Our experienced and skilled electricians have worked on electrical jobs of all sizes, and can be hired for both repairs and installations. Bell City’s staff is not only professional technically, but also trained to provide the best possible customer service. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and that will be demonstrated when you hire our services.

For our commercial building services, we provide a wide range of options for our customers. Here are a few of the electrical services Bell City provides:

A picture of a backup generator

Backup Power Generators

It is important to have a backup plan if power goes out, especially if you own a building where many of your tenants or staff rely on electricity. The use of generators has increased over the past decade for commercial buildings, and it’s easy to see why. There are many reasons why electricity may stop working, and if an entire building relies on power, there is no reason to leave the chance of that power working up to chance.

These generators can switch on when the power goes out, so any kind of power outage can be alleviated until the issue is fixed. Keep in mind that these generators need time to cool down and refuel, so while generators are important for commercial buildings, they should be used for emergencies only.

PLC Control Panels

PLC (or Programmable Logic Controller) panels are crucial for keeping your electrical devices safe from outages. PLC’s monitors the flow of electricity to machines, or other devices that use it. If you are running an office building, this panel ensures that all the equipment used for your business is functioning correctly. PLC control panels are also able to shut down the power of a machine that is acting faulty or causing an issue. This sets aside any problems while allowing functional machines to keep operating smoothly.

Service Changes

Electrical service changes are an essential process for commercial buildings. It is the process of checking that the electrical service remains up to code, and can potentially risk the lives of many people if left ignored. It is also important to plan these service changes in advance, as a power outage for a whole commercial building would be quite expensive. If you own a commercial building, the required upgrades will be more complex and time consuming, but Bell City Mechanical is trained to handle buildings of all sizes. Changes may include core upgrades, advancements in efficiency and power quality protection.

A picture of various cables

If you own a commercial building, Bell City Mechanical can upgrade, repair or install any of the services listed above, and many more.

For more information, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page: https://bellcitymechanical.ca/contact/