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The Bell City Mechanical team provides electrical services for business, commercial and residential customers. If you are in need of electrical services or an electrical contractor, and want it done by professionals who work efficiently, effectively and at an affordable cost, we can provide all of that for you. We handle electrical installation and repairs of all sizes, and our workers are trained and experienced to handle any job you might request from them.

For residential services, we provide quality electrical solutions for both the inside and outside of your home. If you’re looking to increase your backyard appeal, we can install a number of additions, including landscape lighting, pool lighting and rope lighting. Our priority is to give you a backyard that is relaxing and comfortable, both for you and any guests. Whether you want a backyard for a pool party, a barbecue on the deck or a patio dinner with friends or family, we will provide you with the lighting and equipment that can fulfill any and all of those needs.

Our electricians are all certified and capable of handling a variety of residential electrical services for homeowners and business owners. Those services include, but are not limited to:

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Panel Upgrades

An electrical panel is a crucial component for running the electricity in your home. It regulates the electric flow through your home, controls the circuit breakers and contains any fuses or circuits that could cause any overcurrents. The panel does not only keep your home’s power running, it keeps the electric flow safe and conserves energy. An investment in a panel upgrade is an investment in keeping your home running efficiently. If you need to upgrade your electric panel to keep up with the electricity demands of your life, Bell City’s electricians can evaluate your situation and find the best option for you.

Power Management

Electricity bills can be quite costly, and frequent use of power can create a large carbon footprint for your company and be harmful to the environment. Our professionals at Bell City can analyze your power systems and utilize them in the most optimal way possible. We will use our electric monitoring devices to see which appliances are being used, and adjust the settings to make everything run as efficiently as possible. There is no reason to waste energy you aren’t using, and this management of electricity will ensure your home will only use the power it needs. We can handle all of the installation and rewiring needs.

Control Wiring

If your home does not have proper electric control wiring, there are many potential dangers that can occur, such as fires created by electrical short circuits. While wiring a home can be an expensive and complex process, Bell City understands the importance of you and your family being safe. Our employees are trained to handle control wiring jobs for residential homes of all sizes. We will also analyze your home and provide a fair and accurate estimate on the cost.

If your company or residential area needs any kind of electrical service, contact our professionals at Bell City Mechanical anytime. Our clients include homeowners, office and businesses, and industry leaders throughout southwestern Ontario. We provide top level workmanship.

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