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Bell City Mechanical is a full-service commercial HVAC service company. We provide commercial HVAC services such as commercial air conditioner, boiler, and furnace services to commercial buildings to the Brantford and Surrounding Area.

Rooftop Units

At Bell City Mechanical we have the best training in the rooftop HVAC business, along with plenty of experience. Rooftop heating and cooling systems are important to commercial comfort systems. A perfect system offers you many additions in helping with comfort and efficiency. To actually get the best advantages to your rooftop units, you need a company with the best service, and that is why you need our services at Bell City Mechanical.

Tube Units

Bell City Mechanical is your go to place when it comes to HVAC services involving tube units. We are always at your service if you need repairs or installations to your tubing units. We always provide the best prices and dedication for our customers.

Infared Heaters

Bell City Mechanicals installations of infrared heaters utilizes the most updated infrared technology that serves constant, radiant heat for your needs. This comfortable, heat has the same effect that comes from the heat of the sun, making the heat feel natural. Within just a few seconds, the heat output from the heaters is very efficient making Bell City Mechanicals work very effective.

Hot Water Heaters

An important part of keeping your business running may be your water heater. You may need your hot water heaters to be replaced of repaired, and Bell City Mechanical is the company to get the job done. We provide all of your hot water heater services and needs.

Servicing both commercial and industrial HVAC, at Bell City Mechanical, we have technicians on hand to assist in an extensive array of services. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure your HVAC equipment is operating correctly, repairing or replacing anything needed to customize your needs, either commercially or in an industrial setting. To get the custom solution to your HVAC needs, contact us today. We are available 24/7/365.
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Serving the Brantford & surrounding area, Bell City Mechanical is your go-to source for climate control for your residential, commercial and agricultural needs. We are here to meet all your short term, long term, and emergency climate control needs.

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