Kingsman Fireplaces is one of the regular suppliers of Bell City Mechanical, and their consistently reliable service has made them one of the most valuable assets for our business. Established in 1976 by Russell Reyher, Kingsman was one of the leading developers in a new line of gas fireplaces. While it was rejected at the time by the Health Products Associations national show, the gas fireplaces and appliances pioneered by Reyher and Kingsman are now one of the most popular and trusted fuel sources in the industry. These accomplishments and prestige are what make Kingsman one of the best gas fireplace suppliers, and why Bell City continues to work with them.

Benefits of Working with Kingsman as a Supplier


Kingsman Fireplaces use gas fireplaces only, which are not only clean, but reduce the use of heaters or other devices that can cause pollution in the air. Their products not only give you clean materials for your home, but also for the world.


Gas fireplaces are always contained, and cannot produce sparks or anything else that could potentially spread a fire in the home. The glass around gas fires keeps it contained, also preventing chimney fires or long-burning embers. Gas fireplaces from Kingsman not only provide comfort by being aesthetically pleasing, but offer comfort with safety and security as well.


Wood fireplaces might be warm and nice to look at, but they also require a lot of work and money to stay functional. If fireplaces are meant to be comforting, why go through all that effort of buying, chopping and hauling wood? Gas fireplaces from Kingsman do all the work for you, and the only cost is the initial purpose. Just switch the fireplace on and your job is done.


According to a national survey, using gas logs can save up to 57% compared to wood logs. Just using gas logs can return an investment of up to 138% on resale. Not only are gas fireplaces safer and easier to use than wood burning fireplaces, they are also preferable to heaters or other devices since they cost significantly less in the long run


Since 1996, Kingsman has established its own distribution network. Since then, the company has dedicated itself to being both the best manufacturer and marketer in its field. However, Kingsman shows no interest in being a mass manufacturing company. Instead, the company prioritizes quality over quantity, providing reliable service with a few customers, dealers and distributors to establish a long-term and satisfying relationship. This business practice makes the Kingsman brand associated with high quality products, and the reason why we at Bell City continue to work with them.

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