Keeping your furnace maintained is very important, as it can keep your home warm during the cold winter months. Having it break down can be hazardous to not the health of you and your family, but can also cause major damage to the interior of your home. No one likes to have the inside of their home feel as cold, if not colder, than outside during the winter season.

We all get busy during the winter season, with holiday parties and longer hours at work, but it keeping an eye on your furnace is very important. If it were to break down, it can cause harm to your schedule or possibly the need to uproot your family until it is fixed. At Bell City Mechanical, we have the experts to help prevent any upset that a broken down furnace can bring.

Having Bell City Mechanical coming to inspect your furnace on a regular basis can help prevent you needing a costly repair. Regular tune-ups are performed to inspect areas of a furnace that most commonly cause issues and make minor repairs, if needed, to ensure your furnace will last throughout the entire winter season.

There are many parts of the furnace that, if they were to fail or break down, could cause major issues. Many of these are unknown to those without the training or knowledge. Thankfully, we have listed the 20 things our technicians will inspect when assessing your equipment:

  1. Igniter
  2. Flame Sensor
  3. Inlet Gas Pressure
  4. Manifold Gas Pressure
  5. Pressure Switch
  6. Venter Switch
  7. Blower Switch
  8. Voltage
  9. Temp Rise
  10. Hi Limit
  11. Examine Heat Exchanger
  12. Clean Condensate Drains
  13. Check Thermostat Collaboration
  14. Check Venting Components
  15. Check Clearance Combustibles
  16. Check Air Filter and Size
  17. Vacuum and Examine Cabinets
  18. Monitor Heating Cycles
  19. Check Gas Connections
  20. C/O Analysis

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