Air Conditioning Installation

Bell City Mechanical will help you get the right AC for your home and your budget. We install central air conditioners and ductless air conditioners in Brantford, Cambridge, Hamilton, Simcoe, and the surrounding area. We are authorized Trane dealers.


  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Ductless Air Conditioners

Regardless of your system choice, we guarantee you will love your new air conditioner and will love our friendly, professional HVAC technicians.

Air Conditioning Installation - Nothing Stops a Trane

Nothing Stops a Trane

Trane has been around since 1913. A century later, Trane continues to innovate. These innovations helped to revolutionize the HVAC industry and change the way we approach heating and cooling.

Here are Five Reasons We Believe in Trane

1. Trane Heating and Cooling Dependability
2. Excellent Warranty
3. Get as Much Heating and Cooling as You Need
4. The Innovative Design of Trane Systems
5. A Quiet System

In addition to estimating, installing, and setting up your new system, we can also work on any problem you may have. “Nothing Stops a Trane” has never been more accurate than when you have Bell City Mechanical work for you.

Bell City Mechanical is an authorized Trane dealer ~ Nothing Stops a Trane.

Central A/C Systems

Nothing beats the ease and simplicity of central air conditioning. Integrated into your home’s existing ductwork and controllable by your thermostat, it provides cooling and humidity control as well. If needed, we can install custom ductwork for you.

Ductless Air Conditioners

If you live in an older home without existing ductwork, ductless A/C’s may be an excellent option for you. Ductless air conditioners don’t require damaging or expensive construction as they rely on thin cables that are easy to run through walls. They can be mounted on the ceiling or a wall, where they’re out of the way.


For ductless air conditioning systems, we usually recommend these brands:
Trane / RunTru

How We Make Sure You Get The Right System

Every home is unique, and every homeowner has preferences regarding energy efficiency and budget. That’s why we take the time to visit your home in person before we recommend a system to you. Here are some of the things our comfort consultants check during the consultation:

  • We measure your home to confirm the square footage.
  • We analyze hot/cold zones created by different sun exposures.
  • We factor in electricity costs and help you figure out what energy efficient level will help your monthly electricity bills.
  • We factor in your budget. If needed, we can help you with financing.

We then provide a proposal and outline any options, including our 10-year labour guarantee.

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