Oil to Propane Conversion

If you’re thinking of switching from oil to propane, Bell City Mechanical can help. We’ll provide an on-site evaluation to determine exactly what kind of system your home needs, then go through a number of storage tank and heating equipment options with you.

Winters in Ontario can be very cold so it is important that you have the proper equipment to keep you and your family comfortable. A comparative review of heating systems highlighted the advantages for homeowners who are considering converting their homes from oil to propane

Oil to propane conversion. Image of propane tank.


A standard efficiency (78% AFUE) fuel-oil furnace is more expensive to install as a replacement system than a high-efficiency, 95% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) propane furnace . Additionally, a propane furnace has lower operating costs.

For forced-air furnace systems in new homes, a high-efficiency (95% AFUE) propane-fueled furnace costs about $2,100 less to install and nearly $100 a year less to operate versus a high-efficiency (95% AFUE) oil-fueled furnace.

Learn more with an on-site evaluation

We will conduct a free on-site evaluation of your existing appliances to understand why they are no longer meeting your requirements.

We will talk with you to understand your lifestyle so that we can be sure our recommendations are suitable to your needs.

Based on our discoveries, we will then create a custom proposal for your consideration.

We will coordinates any needed work around your schedule.

Converting from oil to propane can reduce your home’s carbon emissions and lower your energy costs.

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