With  Bell City Mechanical, you get more than just a propane service – you get an expert and partner.
At Bell City Mechanical, we have over 10 years of experience providing dependable propane service to our customers. With focus on safety and our customers, we are committed to providing safe and reliable propane service for your home or business. We’re a proud to be a full service propane company offering tank installations, propane system maintenance and seasonal service, and more. Whether you are preparing dinner on the cooktop, flipping the switch on the gas fireplace to relax or powering up your fleet, Bell City Mechanical is there, making sure your home or business is running smoothly. Our team is committed to keeping your house or business warm, your appliances running efficiently, and your outdoor living space ready for entertaining.


Keeping your propane system and appliances running efficiently is important to keeping your home safe. Bell City Mechanical recommends having your system checked once a year, making sure your heating system and propane appliances are running at their most efficient level. Regular check-ups and maintenance can help keep your appliances running longer. Schedule a Clean & Light maintenance appointment to have a technician visually inspect and clean burners, check operating pressures and your ignition system, inspect venting, and leak-test your system.


To ensure the efficiency and safety of your propane system, Bell City Mechanical offers safety inspections and leak tests. A trained Bell City Mechanical service technician will inspect your propane system to be assured of its proper and safe operation. If you ever have a concern about your propane tank, all you need to do is call. Our specially-trained agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your questions and respond to your concerns. In addition to our safety inspections, we always encourage our customers to review Propane Safety information available at.


  • Service and maintain propane heaters
  • Operate and test Responsibilities
  • Maintain all service and repair records for serviced products
  • Adhere to all Company safety standards

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