Garage Heaters

There are many advantages to heating your garage with a self contained garage heater. First off, they allow you year round to get more use out of your home.   They create comfort and convenience on cold winter days by keeping your car warm and ready to get. They also make your garage inviting and comfortable whether you are working on your car or any other activities you do in your garage. A garage heater also provides value to your home, as they are seen as a bonus by potential buyers of your home.

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Space Saving | Affordable

The depending on how big the garage is that you will be heating, and how fast you want it to heat up will ultimately determine the cost of the garage heater. Garage heaters work with natural gas or propane – at Bell City we can assist with both – and are vented with simplified solutions (roof venting or side-wall). Provided your garage is properly insulated, adding an energy-efficient garage heater will not cause a notable increase on your monthly utility bills.

Don’t have a lot of extra space in your garage?  Not to worry.  Unit heaters are small and compact and can be mounted up on ceilings or walls – saving you even more space.

A garage heater has very low maintenance and does not require a lot work. When it does come to repairs or servicing, the team at Bell City Mechanical has you covered.

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